Custom Ute Trays

The power of a custom ute tray

Custom ute trays make sure that you get just the right size and specification for your needs, ensuring a tray you can rely on for the long term.

We can build a custom ute tray that:

  • offers protection for your vehicle
  • is sturdy, strong and durable.

Many of our customers also add multiple accessories to their ute trays particularly if using for a work vehicle. Every trade is different and requires different equipment,  whether it be under-tray storage, pull-out drawers or ladder racks – we can make it possible to meet all your work needs.


Are you shopping for a ute tray? Consider getting yours custom made for your vehicle instead here at Wade Custom Fabrication.


Get in touch today to discuss your ute tray and what we can design for you.


Invest in a custom ute tray, you won't be disappointed.


Which accessories could your ute use?

The best thing about custom builds is the wide range of accessories and customisation options available to you. You can choose from:

  • Under-tray drawers 
  • Ladder racks
  • Water tanks storage
  • Step rails
  • Pull out roller drawers
  • Lights and tie-down points

We can custom fabricate your ute tray to suit the unique requirements of your trade. Check out some of our ute tray projects here


Our process for your ute tray

During our initial consultation we’ll ask the questions to gain the best understanding of your needs and ensure the best end product.


What we will want to find out from you:

  • What you will be using your ute for? (work or play)
  • What type of jobs you work on?
  • What items do you normally store inside your tray?
  • The size and dimensions you’re thinking?
  • Any personal preferences that you have?

From here we can draft some design ideas and involve you in this process to ensure everything is in the right place. Once signed off we can start work on the custom build. We will then schedule in a time for the installation.

Get in touch and we can advise on what functionality and design is best for your vehicle.

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