Custom Toolboxes and Storage

Toolboxes built to last

Custom fabricated toolboxes and storage have grown in demand as more customers discover the benefits of a toolbox designed to fit their equipment’s exact needs.


We can build a toolbox that:

  • maximises the space in your ute, truck or work vehicle.
  • is designed with compartments that best suit your requirements and workflow.

All of our custom toolboxes are made-to-fit and designed to fit into the allocated space perfectly.   

Get in touch today to discuss your toolbox or storage needs.

inside storage box

Bring in your tools to check they fit perfectly.

Our process for your toolbox build

During our initial consultation we’ll ask the questions to gain the best understanding of your needs and ensure the best end product.


What we will want to find out from you:

  • The type of application and functionality of the toolbox?
  • What type of jobs you work on?
  • The tools and equipment you are looking to store?
  • The size and dimensions – is there a specific space in your vehicle or ute to fit into?

From here we can draft some design ideas and involve you in this process to ensure everything is in the right place. Once signed off we can start work on the custom build. Your toolbox can be collected from our workshop once the fabrication project is complete or we will schedule in a time to have the toolbox installed.

Get in touch Jeff is happy to answer any questions and offer his advice for your toolbox requirements.

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Why choose a custom built toolbox?

Our custom toolboxes made here at Wade Custom Fabrication provide great advantages over factory toolboxes, and here’s why:

  1. Custom toolboxes can be tailored to fit your desires and needs exactly.
  2. They are more durable and long-lasting.
  3. Custom toolboxes are safer, more reliable and offer the best protection.
  4. The unique design organises your tools allowing easy access.
  5. Your custom toolbox looks more professional.

We can also custom fabricate your ute tray to better fit the unique requirements of your trade. Check out some of our custom ute trays here.