Our Fabricating & Welding Projects

We are dedicated to our craft and an expert in welding and fabrication.

See some of our completed projects.

Exclusion Fence Wire Runner with Hydraulic Clamp

Exclusion fence wire runner with hydraulic clamp to be able to tension the strain. Can be made to suit either bobcat or loader.

Canopy Cage

Canopy cage made to suit customer requirements and vehicle. This custom setup has 3 point locking on all doors, racks for the fishing boat and rollers on the rear to make it easier loading.

Buggy Trailer

This buggy trailer has in floor tie down points and ramps. Removable ladder rack. Heavy duty construction. 

Dual Cab Ute Tray

This ute tray has in floor tie downs points. Under tray water tank and toolbox. Removable ladder rack. LED tail lights. 

Camper Trailer Water Tank

This stainless steel water tank was installed underneath a camper trailer for extra water storage.